The Truth About Banc De Binary


If you are reading this – you have started online trading, or if you haven’t – you are thinking about doing it. Online trading has become a trend these days, mostly because of the limitless options that it offers. You can trade from wherever you are, you can work with a variety of currencies, and it is all just a click away. When it comes to online trading, there are many companies you can choose from, and it is easy to get scammed or lured into a bad deal. It is your money – you have earned it with your own hard work and dedication, so you are completely right if you have been hesitating on whether to do it or not.

Today for you, we give you our opinion about one of the most famous, and in the same time – most talked about Binary Option Companies – Banc De Binary. Established in 2009, this company emerges from the great Trump Tower in New York City, and its experience dates more than a hundred years back in time. Having in mind that Banc De Binary has its roots in the Forex and Stock Markets, which speaks about its greatness.

Now, let’s turn to our experience with it. Should you use it? Absolutely, completely – the answer is yes. Should you be carefree and just jump into it without thinking?  No way! Do not forget that this is business, and if you want your money to grow, you too have to put some effort into it, and not to just leave it in the hands of your broker. Know your documentation, and have it perfectly settled with Banc de Binary. They have a wonderful Customer Care team that will take care of your every need, and if you have the right documentation to back yourself up- you will never have a single trouble. Most people tend to think that attention is not necessary and that is how all the negative reviews start to emerge. Read, and read everything, and if you have some doubts – ask questions! That is why these people are there in the first place.

Businesswoman using digital tablet in lobby

This is exactly what we did, plus we made a great connection with our broker, and we started trading – trading with ease if we may add. The website is “dummy”-friendly, so everyone can start doing it because everything is explained impeccably. You can trade with many assets, including gold, silver, oil, wheat, sugar, etc. Their stocks include names like Amazon, Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, Unilever,Louis Vuitton and many, many more well-known brands. Your investment can start from a minimal $1 deposit, to much larger numbers, and the returns are quite generous – not to even mention the bonuses you get, up to 100%.

So, still sitting at home and wondering? Stop worrying and start trading on Banc de Binary, as we stated before – options are literally endless. Choose a type of account that fits your lifestyle the most and follow the instructions – profit is just clicks away!

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Similarities and differences between trading binary options and gambling

Binary options have been around for more than 30 years, present as only a small part of the global market and traded by significantly fewer people than forex or stocks. However, in 2008, binary options market was officially recognized as a separate market and it became an acknowledged trading system. From then on, the number of binary traders has been on a significant rise, together with the number of binary brokers, signal providers and binary robots that offer their trading services.

Despite the global popularity of binary options, it is still not fully accepted by many old school traders of forex, stocks and similar, who claim that it is not real trading, but rather a method of gambling. On the other hand, there are many binary traders who make serious amounts of money on binary options, and they spend a lot of time and effort to learn about the market and perform all necessary analysis. index_binary_options

Undoubtedly, there can be many similarities between binary trading and gambling – but it largely depends on the person who does the trading. The best example of “binary options gambler” would be a person who is, above all, in a complete lack of knowledge about the market, trading basics, who does not know what is needed for the trade to be successfully executed and does not even want to learn. This person is only interested in earning some quick and easy money by performing several clicks a day. He relies on luck and intuition rather than any knowledge or strategy, which is characteristic for a gambler. Also, they let emotions guide them and can frequently be under a lot of stress because of the loss. What is more, a person like this is more likely to be subject to binary scam. Since he only cares about earning money quickly and with the help of luck, he might easily believe the stories about earning lots of money in no time by using “a secret system”, and these stories are usually placed by scam brokers or robots whose only goal is to earn money on gullible customers.

Binary Options Trading

On the other hand, there are people who are serious binary options traders, and whose trading certainly does not look like gambling. Firstly, they take enough time to search for a reliable broker, which operates in their country and has all necessary certifications and licenses (like 24Option and similar brokers). Also, they invest time and effort to learn about binary trading in general, as well as strategies and advice related to this kind of trading. They analyze the market on daily basis and draw conclusions from the facts rather than their intuition. Similarly, they do not let themselves to get influenced by emotions, and when they feel that they are getting overwhelmed, they stop the trading.

A successful binary trader is disciplined and uses a strategy to maximize the profit, minimize the loss and save himself from unnecessary stress. All of this takes a lot of time, effort, knowledge and self-discipline, which means that, if you are serious about binary trading, it is a certainly different thing than mere gambling and game of fortune.

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Some money management strategies for binary options traders

When trading binary options, there are several big steps to take in order to become a successful and professional trader. First, it is important to choose a reliable broker such as Porter Finance and avoid binary scams, which can come in many shapes. Then, you need to spend some time in learning and exploring all about the trading and the market and learn how to analyze the market fluctuations. Lastly, you can use many trading strategies in order to make your trading clever, well thought through and more successful with every trading cycle.

The strategies vary from simple to complex ones, and as it is possible to follow some of the already existing ones, it is also possible to create your own. Here are some best-known strategies for binary trading, which you can either apply on your trades, or develop and adjust further.

straddle21. The Straddle – this is probably the most popular and most used trading strategy, used especially by beginners, but also by many more experienced traders and usually in a situation of extreme market volatility. It is based on choosing both of the two possible options, in order to minimize the loss. The example of this strategy is as follows: you invest a certain amount of money in calling an option with a longer expiry time. After that, you monitor the market and the changes in price for a while, and if you predict whether the price is going to fall, you put a larger or the same amount of money to put an option with a shorter expiry time. Both options will expire in approximately the same time, and even when one loses the money, the other will win and cover the loss.

2. Doubling Up – this is a strategy intended above all for more experienced and confident traders. The trick is again to trade the same option twice, but this time by choosing the same option both times. In order to gain profit from this strategy, it is essential to know the market well enough and be as certain as possible that the asset you trade is going to move in the same direction while you are performing your trade.

Basic CMYK3. Knock-on Effect – this strategy is intended for those who are highly experienced and skillful in binary trading and market analysis. It is based on the fact that the changes in price of one asset will cause the changes in some other asset or assets. For example, if the price of a certain stock rises, there is also going to be a change in the index in which the same stock is traded. In order to profit from this strategy, the trader needs to be able to analyze several different markets and trade different types of assets.

No matter which group of traders you belong, the beginners or the experienced ones, you will be able to use some of the trading strategies. Start with the simple ones, and as you learn and make progress in trading and learning, you will be able to apply the more complex strategies and grow into a serious binary trader.

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Safety and security concerns when trading with binary options

 Trading through online services is very often regarded as unsafe and potentially dangerous, and most people have concerns about security and fear for the state of their virtual funds. This is especially the case with trading in binary options, since they have been under huge attacks from all sides and a lot has been written about their activities and operations. However, not all of those articles and arguments are convincing and binary options scam is not present in every website and not all of those broker houses are evil incarnate, as some of those reviews and blogs are trying to make them look.


            Not wanting to take sides and defend one point or the other, this article will predominantly focus on the facts and the current situation on the field, and this means that global market will be closely looked at. Therefore, we have to start from the fact that binary options are being accused of being scams and doing something dishonest, and then hopefully check those claims as good as we can. When something is a scam it usually means that it takes money from customers in a thief-like manner, and that doing business with that company will in most cases result in severe loss of funds and clients will have bad experience. Is this the case with broker houses which are accused of binary option robot scam? No. Well, not with all of them. Admittedly, there are companies out there which can be called “rotten apples” and they put all other brokers to bad reputation, but most enterprises are performing legitimate operations and doing business in a clean and honest manner. Most of them do offer unrealistic promises and present completely surreal percentages when it comes to success and profitability, but they do not steal money from people nor do they use personal information for gaining any other type of illegal financial gain. Marketing is allowed everywhere, and this is the case with binary options as well, so a little white lie while making a banner or advertisement is usually not a criminal offense.

         it-security-breachPeople who decide to enter this market and start trading with binary options have to realize that this type of trading is very much similar to gambling, and that stories of huge profit and bags full of money are probably just a show. Same as with sports betting, trading with binary options is offering potentially big winnings, but in reality most people just end up on the losing side. Of course, that movie-like type of success is completely possible, in theory at least, but in reality you do not see a lot of people who have earned cars and houses with betting, only those who have lost them. Therefore, clients need to be careful and invest wisely, since investing too much money can be dangerous and will end up in tears and anger.

Traders need to know that binary options can be profitable, but only in the long run and with a great effort and a lot of thinking and planning, and those who write anti-binary options articles are probably just a little impatient and furious because their investments have gone sour.

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Reasons and ways of creating a trading plan for trading binary options

Trading binary options is one of the increasingly popular methods of trading. Thanks to its simplicity and availability, many traders who used to trade stocks, commodities or other goods have also tried trading binary options. In addition, many of those who have just started learning how to trade choose to trade binary options, since it is a much simpler concept than any other trading – at least in the beginning.

If you are serious, dedicated binary trader, or you intend to become one, something you will definitely need and that will be of great help for your trading is a trading plan. After browsing through binary options brokers and choosing the right one for you, after learning about the market and trading itself, it is time to develop the trading strategy and create a trading plan to stick with while you execute your trades. 

First of all, you need to understand how the market works, which assets are more likely to fluctuate in price over a long or short period of time. You should determine which assets you want to trade, as well as the expiry time you will set up for them. Also, you need to determine whether you want to trade short-term binary options, such as 30-second or 60-second binary options, or you prefer setting up a longer expiration time for your options. This depends on the level of stress you are able to experience on daily basis, as well as the amount of time you want to spend on trading during one day. Short-term options are better for those who want to spend as little time in front of the computer as possible, but still earn money through trading; while longer-lasting options are better for those who have time to monitor the changes in price and even revoke the decision they have made about calling or putting an option. finance (2)

You can also choose to use a binary  option robot for automatized trading, where you will be able to set up the parameters you would normally use for manual trading, and the robot can execute the trade for you. This can be a good solution if you cannot suppress decision-making based on emotions, since these robots operate based on pure facts about market conditions. Make sure to choose a robot where you can determine the maximum amount of money to lose per a daily trading session, in order not to clear out your whole account.

Another thing to determine before trading binary options is an exit strategy that will minimize your loss. Some platforms offer traders to expire a position earlier if the asset seems to go the opposite direction than the trader has predicted, thus reducing the amount of loss. Also, a hedging strategy can be used. It involves taking a position in the opposite direction of your previous trade of the same asset, so even if the first trade looses, the following one will end up winning and thus neutralize almost all the loss.

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Pros and cons of using Binary Option Robot

With rising popularity of binary options as a method of trade, there came many follow up services, intended mostly for making binary trading easier and more available to everyone. One of the newest and still relatively controversial concepts related to binary options is automated trading. It is performed by binary options robots, software-based systems which execute the trade on behalf of the trader.

Since this trend is quite new and still on its beginnings, there is a lot of scam present and it is not yet regulated or completely clear how everything in this system works. However, more and more traders decide to use the services provided by binary bots, and one of the most popular and widely used bot is the one provided by Binary Option RobotThe-acceptance-of-binary-options-robots-in-the-UK

Binary Option Robot works on the principle of receiving different market signals from three different signals providers. The signals are based on market analysis performed by complex algorithms, which gives results about the current situation on the market, as well as predictions about future changes in price. When you connect your trading account with the robot, you are able to set the parameters of trading and everything will be performed automatically until you decide to stop the trading.

robot-opzioni-binarie-gratis2There are, just like with everything, good and bad sides of using this robot. On the plus side, the robot is free and does not require any additional fees, and it does not take commission from your trades. You can choose to receive the signals from three different sources, and you can also view their previous results, which helps making a decision. What is also positive is that you have a range of possibilities for customizing the automated trading. You can set up not only the underlying assets and the amount of money to invest per trade, but also the maximum amount of money to lose per session. This is a useful tool which will prevent the robot from clearing out your account if it hits the losing streak. There is also a very large number of the brokers to choose from, so you are most likely to find the broker you are willing to trade with.

binary-options-robotOn the minus side, this robot only operates if you open a new account with the broker through the Binary Option Robot’s website. This means that, if you already have an account with a broker, you will not be able to use that account even if the broker is supported by Binary Options Robot. Also, this robot operates with some brokers which are suspected to be scam despite their license (Like Banc de Binary). This means that, even if the robot is reliable, you may have problems with some of the brokers.

In conclusion, using a binary robot is preferable if you want to save your time and spare your trade the emotional influence. Binary Option Robot provides a robot of high accuracy and with advanced customization level. However, make sure to check all the offered brokers before deciding to use this robot, because you will need to create an account with them and deposit your money through it.

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